Sunday, July 11, 2010

Footage Squared

When Shannon and I moved in July '08, we moved into a place that we were told was 600 square feet.

They lied.

Since we're now in Turkey and will be looking for an apartment at some point, I was wondering how many square feet we had been used to living in, versus the square footage of the place we're currently staying in, and so on. So, our previous landlords told us that our 1-bedroom apartment was 600 square feet. We never measured the rooms or anything...we trusted them! The apartment we're currently "house-watching" is 1200-1300 square feet, and I was thinking to myself, "There's no WAY our old place was half this size..." I was right.

The result is in: 487 square feet, including closets, the laundry space, and the HVAC unit.

Our old kitchen: 11.25 feet by 10.25 feet.

Our old living room: 10.66 feet by almost 14 feet.


I don't even know where they got the number 600 from, unless their room measurements are wrong. But if they're right, 24.16 feet by 21.16 feet does not equal 600 square feet.

I feel cheated. Wronged. Deceived.

What I could have done with an extra 113 square feet...

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  1. I'm playing blog catch-up, and I loved the pics of your trip to Istanbul. It really makes it come alive--looking forward to more!


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