Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Color Purple

Last night, right as we were getting home from home group, Lane threw up all over me. She was strapped up against me in the Ergo and right as we got in the door, bananas and milk, all over mom. And all over Lane too, of course. We're still not sure what exactly caused her to upchuck her entire dinner, but we think it might have had something to do with the heat and the jostling from the walk home.

Anyways, we make our way into the bathroom and get me and Lane undressed and into the shower, leaving our banana-and-milk-covered clothing on the floor and in the sink. After getting cleaned up, more milk in Lane, and her in the bed, I went to tend to the banana/milk mess. I quickly rinsed the puke out of her clothing and mine as best I could and threw them in the wash, adding other clothes from the hamper to make a full load. I even set the wash on a longer cycle to make sure to get all the banana puke out. So, an hour later when I went to get the clothes to hang them to dry, imagine my chagrin (nice word, huh?) when I opened the washer door and out fell our clothes with a horrid, purplish tint to them.

The culprit.

Oh yeah, that's right, I hadn't yet washed the skirt I had been wearing.

Sigh. What was already a long night (I mean, with getting puked on and having to do laundry at 9:30 at night and all) turned even longer as I tried my darndest to get the horrible purple tint out of our clothes.

What used to be my favorite towel of Lane's. Now it's no longer pink, but instead looks like it was used to dry Barney off after he got caught in a downpour.

Success and I did not meet.

This onesie used to be green. The couch is beige. Now they match.

Lane's poor little socks are no longer a cute shade of pink but look like they were swallowed and regurgitated by the Purple People Eater. Her washcloths look reminiscent of rags used to dry hair after it's been dyed brown. My favorite bra is no longer beige, but instead is a hideous shade of pink. And Shannon's underwear...oh, the poor guy. They're not grey anymore, but look like they were on the losing end of a fight with Barbie.

I think this used to be green. Or blue. It's hard to tell.

And you all thought I was going to talk about the movie, I bet.


  1. Oh, what a bummer. I'm sorry-

  2. That sucks. I'm SO sorry. I've done that with my clothes ending up hot pink - not fun. Any chance they could get washed again to get some of the purple out? Or could you put something else purple in with them and get 'em a really nice shade of lavender? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

  3. Oooh, that's a good idea, Lauren, to make the things really purple. At least it might work for Lane's towel and washcloths. Someone told me of something here that's similar to laundry soap with color-safe bleach in it, so I'm going to try that on a few things that just look dingy now. Hopefully it'll help...a second wash did not. :-(

  4. hahaha! Ok, I'm sorry this happened to your things, but it still made me laugh nonetheless. Your funny! One time Bruce called me while I was at work in Moscow and said, "I have some bad news." I thought someone had died. I sat down and said, "Ok. Go ahead. Tell me." He said, "Well, I tried to do some laundry before you got home, and you know that red sweater you left in the washer? might fit a six year old now that its been in the dryer and all." I almost fell out of my chair laughing.


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