Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea Time!

Today was a fantastic day. I finally got the tea kettle that I ordered with birthday money that my mom sent me. I ordered it probably about 2 weeks ago and the estimated arrival date was mid-April. So, I was excited to see it come today!

Then, after I got the tea kettle, I ran into my friend Jonathan who said he had something for me...tea from Poland from my friend Lindsay! I was so, so excited. I think it's really funny how when you live overseas you want people to bring you stuff from America, and now that I'm back in America, I want people to bring me stuff from overseas! Anyhow, here's to many more hot cups of caramel and "taste of London" tea, with hot water from my new kettle! Thanks, Mom and Lindsay!

A new tea kettle, Dilmah caramel tea, and Lipton "Taste of London" tea, my all-time favorite.

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