Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to the Grind

Today is officially our last day of summer. Shannon and I have a class that begins tomorrow evening. We are quite sad about this. Oh, well. I guess we'll get another break in 4 months.

Today at work Campbell, my youngest, hurt her arm. We had to go to the doctor's office. I was really worried that I had done something to her: played too rough, jerked her hand too hard, etc. However, she had something called nursemaid's elbow. Apparently there's a ligament that runs down your arm and around your elbow, and in little kids it can move around when you're doing things like swinging them about by their arms or picking them up by their hands instead of under their arms. So, Campbell's had moved. The doctor folded her arm at the elbow, raised it to her shoulder, unfolded it, and she was better. Crying, of course, because it hurt, but completely fixed. Amazing. I was so relieved, although I still felt horrible.

Today I got a new phone number. If you don't have it and need/want it, shoot me off an email. My old number won't work anymore, so don't try it! My contract finally expired so I've been added onto Shannon's with the hopes that we'll save a good chunk of change. Now I need to call all the doctors, dentists, everyone in my address book, and so on to make sure they have my new number. I called my brother-in-law, planning on leaving a message since he's in Sweden on business, but he picked up! It was the middle of the night there...I guess iphones work in Europe. Oops.

And now it's bedtime. Shannon finished up the dishes and we're hoping to run in the morning, so it's 10:10 and we're headed to bed. I feel old.


  1. I've heard of nursemaid's elbow before...I think Jess Little's youngest got it once. Somebody in Idaho, anyway. That's one thing we've managed to avoid, thank goodness! Where do you work?

  2. I forget you have a blog so I'm catching up on your posts. I had the elbow problem before, like two or three times. One of my older cousins was swinging me around and my elbow dislocated but not exactly - i guess it was the nursemaid eblow. Apparently I didn't cry and the doctor simply popped it back in. It is normal for toddlers and little kids to have such loose ligaments like that.


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