Tuesday, January 6, 2015

8 Months Old

Dear Raye,

On my 35th birthday you turned eight months old. It's always hard to believe that you're already as old as you are. It seems like you were born yesterday. And it seems like a lifetime ago, too, if I'm honest. It's been a long year. =)

This month has been a fun one. You have started army crawling and are pretty fast at it. You've gotten up on all fours and gone forward a "step" or two, but you always drop to your belly to go faster and just army crawl wherever you want to go. I don't think it helps you any that we don't have many carpets and you slide on the floors when wearing pants, which you usually do since, hey, it's winter. But you can get wherever you want to go. You've also started climbing a bit, or pulling yourself onto things. You can get all the way on the girls' small trampoline, into Noel's bed, or pull yourself up to sitting on your knees. You can sit for long periods of time and never fall anymore, but can scoot yourself forward from a sitting position until you're on your belly so you can crawl places.

This month you also started to eat more foods. I still don't have tons of time to cook for you, but you usually eat scrambled eggs and yogurt for breakfast, some oatmeal mixed with applesauce and some squash for lunch, and some of a banana and something else for dinner. And thrown in the day will be some other food that I've prepared for the rest of us (carrots, potatoes, rice, etc.) or some other soft fruit that we have on hand. Your diet is limited but you don't seem to care. You've also started to feed yourself some, but honestly most of it ends up on the floor. You prefer to use your left hand right now, too, to feed yourself.

You're still sleeping well, love your sisters, love to be tickled, love being sung to and danced with, and love to chew on things. You're a great baby, and I love you and am so thankful for you.


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