Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 in Review (Part 1)

This last year I haven't been in the blogosphere much. But we still had a lot happen. So, to catch you up in case you missed something (i.e. if you don't know us in person and see us and talk to us frequently)...


We drove from our temporary residence in North Carolina to Virginia and visited with my brother a bit, eating at Chic-fil-A (where Shannon forgot his coat since the weather was so nice) and going to the Virginia Aquarium.

The girls went to their first movie in the theater (Frozen).

Lane turned four.

We found out we were having our third girl.


My mom took Lane to the circus for her birthday (and I took Noel).

The South got a ton of snow.

The girls played with their cousins a lot.

We went to a "farm" where you can pet and feed animals (and I'm talking giraffes and buffalos kind-of-animals, not normal petting zoo animals like goats and pigs).


We took the girls to the Greensboro Children's Museum.

We went to the Gulf with Shannon's mom and stepdad (and Lane was sick most of the trip).

Cracker Barrel!

We moved into a new temporary house in Birmingham.


The girls went on their first Easter egg hunt.

I had a baby shower for Raye.

We introduced the girls to the Birmingham Zoo.

The girls dyed Easter eggs and fell in love with hunting them in the backyard.

My whole body felt like cankles.


We served Raye her eviction notice and she entered the world.

My mom came to visit us in Birmingham.

We went to the zoo. Two or three times, I think.

Memorial Day.

We spent time at a friend's swimming pool about five minutes from where we were staying.


We met my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister's family in Gatlinburg.

We visited the aquarium there.

After my family left, Shannon's dad and stepmom and our niece drove up from Birmingham. We went to Dollywood.

I had surgery on my left wrist for tendonitis.

Raye and I went to Texas to visit a good friend of mine.

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