Monday, January 27, 2014

28 Weeks (third time around)

On Friday I hit 28 weeks, at least according to me. The doctors don't know what they're talking about this go-around because I am most definitely NOT any less than 28 weeks. I know. But due dates are all a guessing and estimation game anyways, so it doesn't really matter that much I suppose. Give or take 12 weeks and God-willing we'll have another kiddo in the house and that's all that's important.

28 weeks.

I have to say that I feel absolutely HUGE this pregnancy. I'm not sure what weight I started out at so I can't say exactly how much I've gained. But my "normal" weight range is between 120 and 130, with "healthy" for me being at 125 or so. I think I'm at 153, which means that I've probably gained nearly 30 pounds already. And I can feel it, too. It's just harder to move around, harder to squat to pick up anything, and so on. I bought new shoes today because I just couldn't take wearing my nearly-10-year-old boots another day because my legs would just ache if I stood or walked around for too long. So I'm definitely feeling huge, even if I look perfectly normal for 28 weeks.

I'm feeling pretty well, though, other than just feeling big. I still sleep all night if a kid doesn't wake me up. I'm not having to wake up to pee, although if I'm up (which I am nearly every night with one girlie or the other) I do take advantage of the toilet. I'm more likely to wake up because I'm starving than because I have to go to the bathroom. I've had a little bit of reflux but not nearly as badly as when I was pregnant with Noel. I've had no real food aversions or cravings this pregnancy. It's been pretty uneventful other than just being starving a lot of the time.

So that's life in third-trimester-land. I've got birthday party posts to write and lots about our time in the States to write about. I have a hard time convincing Shannon that I want to do something in the evenings other than watch television shows (we have been seriously deprived of television shows in English over the last almost-four years), so when it happens I read or blog. I'm loving not having to study in the evenings!

Off for a snack. This baby wants food. Again.


  1. You look great! 28 week already? Does it go by faster the third time?

  2. How far along do the doctors think you are? I think you look super and so cute, not big st all!,

  3. I would agree that you don't look big on that pregnancy. You look absolutely fine and you have nice skin.Usually on that stage your neck will begin to have dark lines..


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