Friday, October 18, 2013

22 Months Old

My youngest is almost two. I can't even believe it.

At 22 months, Noel:

*is just plain sweet. She often wants to be held, for us to pick her up, to just lie her head on our shoulders. She is generally compliant, will usually come when asked or stop when told to stop. Honestly it's a nice break after the hard-headed nature of our firstborn!

*plays well alone. She has a great imagination for not even being two. She'll put small toys "night night" in blankets, play hide-and-seek with toys, and so on. Of course she loves to actually play with someone, but she entertains herself well if no one is available.

*still loves farm animals. She's still sleeping with "big cow" and "little cow" every night. And if you ask her what she wants to play, 99% of the time she'll say, "Wes pway fawm animals!"

*has cut two of her 2-year molars in the past month. The bottom left one is about 3/4 the way through, the bottom right one is about halfway through.

*can put all the numbers in our Melissa & Doug numbers puzzle, and most (20 or so?) of the letters in our ABC puzzle.

*is getting better at eating a variety of foods again. Of course she still has her favorites, but she's trying different things again. I think it has to do with her teeth finally being through and not hurting so much.

*speaks so well. It's so crazy that she can form complete, correct sentences. And not just 3-4 word sentences, but 6,7,8-word sentences. I'm still amazed.

*is potty-trained. I think I can say it's official. She's only had two accidents in the last two weeks. She takes her nap in undies. And she's dry in the morning if I go get her within 5-10 minutes of her waking up.

*loves to play with Lane, and they are actually starting to be able to play together. Of course both girls are still opinionated and want to do what they want to do, but they are capable of communicating with each other and playing together. It's wonderful.

*is getting good at using a spoon and not spilling.

*does this hilarious saunter thing. I can't describe it, but hopefully just by writing it down I'll be able to remember what she looked like one day. She also still loves to jump, and is getting better at it. She probably actually gets an inch off the ground now.

There you have it. 22 months. It's almost time to start planning a birthday party, I think!

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