Saturday, September 21, 2013

21 Months Old

Well I'm a week (ok, ok, nine days) late, but better late than never!

Wearing a dress that belonged to a little girl I nannied five years ago. I asked for the dress when she outgrew it in hopes that I would one day have a little girl to wear it!

At 21 months Noel:

*is still doing well in the potty-training department. She's not 100% trained (like, she won't always come up to me and tell me she needs to go), but she is trained enough. She tells us often that she needs to go. She is dry about 85-90% of the time after naps or even in the morning when she wakes up. She has accidents when we're not paying attention to her small signs that she needs to go. But overall, for not even two years old, she is quite potty-trained. It makes this momma happy.

*is starting to cut one of her molars. Lord help us.
*likes puzzles. We have an animal puzzle and an ABC puzzle and she's a fan of both, and can get most of the letters in their slots. She's a master at the animal puzzle.
*speaking of ABC's, she can sing the ABC song. She of course does not pronounce all of the letters correctly, but she gets a lot of them right, and she has the tune down. She also likes "twinkle, twinkle" and "the wheels on the bus."

*loves animals. She loves to pet one of the strays in our courtyard, and she loves to play with every farm animal toy we have. There are a few Little People cows and horses that she frequently sleeps with. Actually, she doesn't just sleep with them, they go everywhere with us. It's really funny how attached she is to those small plastic cows.
*has reached that stage where you have to repeat back everything she says so that she "knows you heard her." It's both endearing and annoying, but she will repeat whatever she's saying (at a very high decibel as well) until you repeat it back to her.

Her first time eating corn-on-the-cob. Neither she nor Lane could figure out that they were supposed to pick up the corn to bite it!

*has graduated up to 24-month clothes and size 6 shoes. She can still fit into a lot of her 18-month clothes, but since the weather has cooled down and most of her 18-month things are summery, we've just swapped out most of her wardrobe.
*gives us good-night kisses on both cheeks. It's very sweet.
*is just plain funny. Yesterday she was so upset because we didn't have any grapes. I showed her in all the fridge and in the fruit bowl that we didn't have any. So she looked at me and said, "Get some. Go outside. Now." Bwahaha, she's too smart for her own good!

*loves to be read to. She really loves our Little Pookie books, but really she likes any of our board books and a few of our "regular" books as well.
*will lie in her bed for a time out when she's pitching a fit. We'll ask her, "Do you need to go lie down in your bed?" and she'll say, "Yeah." We'll put her in her crib and she'll lie there, quietly, until she's ready to not pitch a fit and then she'll start yelling for us to come get her.
*loves to watch Mickey Mouse or Dora. It's kind of funny because Lane is about over those so she doesn't ever want to watch them, but Noel loves them. We sometimes let her watch one if she's up earlier than Lane in the morning or after Lane goes to bed at night.

Notice she's got that beloved cow?

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  1. I happen to post on my blog and remembered to go check yours and lo, there is a post! Love the picture of Noel on the mountainside. The view behind her is gorgeous :-)


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