Friday, June 8, 2012

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

But they might put her in a bathroom.

After a few rough nights of a screaming, jet-lagged baby, and a few days of said baby not napping well (seriously, why do my children not like to sleep, even when exhausted?), we decided that maybe if we moved Noel's bed somewhere where it was darker that it might encourage better naps during the day, which would encourage better sleep at night, and so forth.

Well, our apartment isn't really that big. And there weren't that many options available. the back bathroom it was! We haven't really used that bathroom in four or five months, but Shannon had cleaned it while I was gone and begun to use it, so we just moved all the shampoo and stuff back into the other bathroom, moved the pack-n-play in, and viola! Noel has her own room!

Snoozin' away!

Haha, well, not really. BUT. I think it did help. It's quieter back there because it's got an extra wall and an extra door between that room and the rest of the apartment. It's darker because there are no windows. I don't think she hears us when we crawl into bed or roll over anymore. She hasn't slept through the night in a month now, partly due to jet-lag and partly due to growth spurt (and probably partly due to habit now, which we'll work on breaking in three weeks [more on that later] if she's still doing it then), but the night after we moved her into the bathroom she began going right back to sleep after eating in the middle of the night. And her naps improved.

I'm going to call it a win, even if it is a little unorthodox.


  1. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, especially in tiny European apartments. Noah slept in our family room for the first few months because it was the only place he could "sleep" without bothering the rest of the house, i.e. the toddler.

  2. Definitely a win! Whatever works is what I always say. I know Liam definitely started sleeping better when we moved him out of our room...and got room darkening shades...and a sound machine, lol.


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