Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Unfortunately, this year for Father's Day we really weren't able to do a whole lot. Shannon has been taking this class that is torture...I've pretty much been a single mom for the last three weeks. He has loads of homework every weekend, and this weekend was no exception. So we did what we could to make his day special.

First thing in the morning I had Lane run to Shannon with a small gift: a new Starbucks travel mug, a card decorated by Lane, and a card that I bought for him while in the States. Lane was so proud of the card she made, shouted "Happy Fodder's Day!," and enjoyed unwrapping his present for him. Shannon then played with the girls while I got a shower.

Daddy and his girlies.

When I put Noel down for her morning nap, I took Lane out for a "key-sont" (croissant) and chai in order to give Shannon some time alone to do his homework. It was our first mommy-daughter date. I let her walk down to the restaurant where we sat outside and leisurely enjoyed our chocolate croissants, chai, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Lane had a blast.

Enjoying our croissants and tea in the gorgeous weather!

Then it was home again to console a crying Noel (she had a rough week of it, nap-wise), play with Lane, fix lunch, and so on. After lunch, Shannon finished up his homework and asked if he could go to the movies. Of course, I let him, so he went off to enjoy Prometheus while I took care of the girls. He arrived home with lilies for me, and then he played with the girls while I cooked his Father's Day request: breakfast for dinner.

Quite possibly Shannon's favorite meal, other than spaghetti. And he could do without the fruit, but I make him eat it so that there's something on his plate that doesn't include butter or oil!

We all ate and did bath time/bedtime routines and actually got in the bed early for a change. Overall I think Shannon felt special and loved, even if we didn't do anything extraordinary.


  1. It looks like you had a great Father's day! I also love breakfast for dinner and yours looks amazing!

  2. "make him eat his fruit" LOL :) OH. I MISS YOU GUYS! Also... I know I'm reading these posts backwards... but can we go get me a 'key-sont' too?!


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