Monday, March 26, 2012

Life Lately

So, obviously blogging hasn't been my top priority these days. But I'm still here, and I'm convinced that one day (maybe this summer?) life will settle down a bit and I'll find my groove and get back to blogging regularly. Until then...I'm here when I can manage.

So, lately, I've been...

1) Cooking! If you follow my recipe blog, or if you know me well, you already know that I've never been big on processed food and have always (since I learned how to cook, that is) liked to make things from scratch. Recently I've been analyzing our diets and trying to "fix" some small things about it. Like our dependence on cereal for breakfast. Since we live overseas I already make a lot of "convenience foods" from scratch. For example, this morning I made cream of mushroom soup from scratch, I've already made marinara sauce this month, and I'll be making barbecue sauce in a week or so. But things like cereal...well, I've just never been motivated to change, even though I know it's loaded with sugar and other junk. So this month we're changing it up. I'm making my own granola. So far I've tried two different recipes, and while neither of them is my favorite yet, I'll be sure to post a recipe when I find one I like. I've also perfected a new recipe: Soaked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Bread. It's delish, and easy. You should try it.

Homemade Wheat Thins. So yummy with...

Homemade hummus! (Lane doesn't even need the cracker...she prefers a spoon!)

2) Baking! Shannon's mother sent Shannon back with some Easter decorations, so Lane and I made some cupcakes and decorated them all fancy-like. Please, someone out there tell me I'm not a horrible mother for not really enjoying baking with Lane yet. I feel like all I do is tell her not to put every. single. thing in her mouth.

3) Care packages! We got two packages from friends back in North Carolina, which was a very pleasant surprise! Thanks so much, Kate and Andy and Dean and Robin! (And, just so it doesn't go unsaid, my mom has sent us a couple packages now that I just didn't get pictures of. Thanks, Mom!)

4) Reading! Lane got a few new books for her birthday so she's been enjoying those. As has Noel.

All of us enjoying a book together.

As for me...I finally got this:

Yup, I finally caved and read it!

And I've gotta say...definitely worth the read. I am actually able to exert self-control and haven't gotten books two or three yet, but I will when I have some free time. I finally just decided that I hadn't read a book for fun in, oh, six months or so, and that it was high time, so I bit the bullet and got something for fun. And oh, it was fun to read for fun!

5) Sleeping! Yup, that's right, sleeping! Noel has slept through the night (10ish to 7) without eating for four nights in a row now. It's been fantastic. I'm hoping it sticks! Although I'm still exhausted, even though I'm getting seven or so hours of sleep straight. Guess it'll take me 3 1/2 months or so of normal sleep to make up for 3 1/2 months of interrupted sleep?

And there ya go. Five things I've been up to. Of course I've actually been doing a lot more than that, but hey, you all gotta take what you can get from me!


  1. I recently found a granola recipe that I really like. I've made it several times now. It's in the latest issue of Cook's Illustrated, but you can also see it here -

    The blog post just has the recipe for the orange pecan variation, but the basic version is basically the same without the orange zest and using whatever nuts and dried fruit you have on hand.

  2. Have you posted how to make those home made wheat thins? They are 20 dollars here and I can't justify the cost! Also, the hummus? Looks great and I am super hungry after seeing those pictures.

    1. You can get the recipe here until I get it posted.

  3. The Hunger Games movie was filmed here in Asheville.

  4. Now I'm hungry. And really you do have self-control. If I'm reading a series I just HAVE to start the next book right away. However, I do have self-control and don't plan to see the movie until it's on video.

    1. Well, you have more self-control than me, then, because for only the second time in our almost-five-years-of-marriage, I'm dragging Shannon to the theater the next time we have a babysitter for an evening! (The first time was...almost three years ago? when Harry Potter 6 came out.)

  5. That hummus looks delicious. I would eat it with a spoon too.


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