Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Months Old

Dear Noel,

A few days ago you turned three months old! A quarter of a year! Time flew by with your sister, and with you it's proving to go just as fast. I can't believe that it's already been three months! We went to the doctor yesterday (which is why I waited to write you a letter...I wanted to know how big you are!) and you are, of course, getting even bigger. You are up to 59 centimeters (23.2 inches) and 5.36 kilograms (11.8 pounds). The doctor was a little concerned because you only gained a pound in the last month, but I think you're doing've practically doubled your birth weight and you've grown four inches.

Getting good at tummy time!

You make some funny faces!

This month we've really gotten to see some more of your personality. You love to look at Lane and smile at her. You're fascinated with the hanging animals on your play mat and love to beat them and listen to the noises they make. You've perfected rolling from your tummy to your back, enjoy tummy time if you're not tired, and can hold your head steady when held upright. You keep your body stiff if we hold you over our heads, and just the other day you started supporting some of your weight when "standing."

Snuggles with daddy.

You've slept through the night (8-9 hours) a few times, but after hitting a growth spurt a couple weeks ago you haven't gone back to sleeping all night yet. You're so smiley and happy, and calm almost all the time. You love to be held and for us to pay attention to you and make faces at you and kiss on you, but you're perfectly content to lay on your play mat by yourself as well. You make life every easy for us, and for that we are appreciative! I love you and have so enjoyed these last three months and look forward to many, many more with you!


Snoozing...and working our way free of the swaddle...


All smiles!


  1. She is gorgeous! Noah just turned 3 months and he is also 59 cm, although he only weights 5.1 kgs. I can't believe how fast time is flying by.


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