Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21.5 Months Old

Yikes. Almost three weeks ago Lane turned 21 months old. I hadn't been able to do her monthly post because the power cord to my computer was fried, but now that I'm up and running again I figured I'd update, even though we're halfway to 22 months. I tend to forget new things she can do, though, so better now when I still remember!

At 21.5 months old, Lane:

*has had a huge jump in her language abilities! She started saying some new words! "Amen" is the only one she's not consistent on, but the others are regular parts of her speech now. They are:
-okra (guh-GUH)
-broccoli (braKEE!)
-booboo (bobo)
-elmo (moemoe)
-Ava (vuh-vuh)
-Marco (gogo)

When going through a hat fetish a month or so ago...

*has learned almost all of her letter sounds and can identify all letters. When she sees letters anywhere (out and about, on a book, on a calendar, on a kitchen appliance, etc.) she'll start making the sound: "tuh, tuh, tuh!" until we acknowledge her, "Oh, you see a 't'! Good job!" It's amazing to me that she can't say but ten or so words, yet recognizes all letters and knows most of their correct sounds.

*is incredibly stubborn. She has reached the tantrum stage and often pitches full-on tantrums, throwing herself on the ground and kicking and screaming. It's frustrating.

Onto a shoe/boot fetish in October...

*knows more signs this month:
*dog, cat, friend, sorry, clean, bath, hurt, excited, feeling, grumpy, cereal, hot, cold, wet, stars, sad, cry, boy, girl, hat (signs she uses regularly)
*wind, rain, scared, boots (signs I've seen her do but not regularly)

*can do a somersault. She doesn't always make it completely forwards, but she does a lot of the time.

Her first time finger-painting.

*has 16 teeth. Her last tooth (other than her 2-year molars) popped through about a week ago.

*often points to my belly and signs "girl" and "baby" and will kiss my belly.

Lane helped Auburn to a victory by wearing her Fighting Okra shirt. This was also the day she learned how to say "okra."

*is getting better at actually brushing her teeth, as opposed to just sucking/chewing on the toothbrush.

*loves, loves, loves her daddy. She prefers to play with him over me.

And who wouldn't love daddy when he'll climb in the princess tent with you? (My belly is too big to get down that low!)

*is still picky about food. Some days she'll scarf food down and the next day she'll shun the
same thing. She still loves broccoli, bananas, rice, and pasta without fail, though.

Check out the concentration to eat (or play with) spaghetti!

*will not leave her socks on no matter what these days. After her fascination with them a couple of months ago, she now almost always immediately rips them off.

She's getting better at making intentional marks with crayons or markers.

*gets super excited when we let her watch Baby MacDonald. She bounces up and down and says "moo, moo" over and over again.

Finally, enough hair for some real ponytails! Playing with her fridge farm and magnetic animals.

*has corrected some of her animal sounds, so now says "baa baa" for sheep, "duhduh" for duck (she can't quite make the "qu" sound yet in "quack quack" and it sounds like "duhduh"). She still has the cutest "meow" on the planet.

*has learned how to lock doors (the kind with the push-button) and how to open door knobs. It's a good thing she's learned how to do them at about the same time since she's locked herself in a room a time or two!

Happy girl, playing on "the big bed" with mommy and daddy.

*hates to get her hair washed.

*is wearing mostly 24-month clothes, although some of her pants are still way too big, even when in a cloth diaper. She can still fit in a lot of her 18-month clothes, although some of the sleeves or legs are getting too short.

Snoozing soundly at nap time.

I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting, but this will have to do for now. I'll be back in just a couple of weeks with her 22-month post. Eeek!


  1. She is adorable! I think these next 3 months you'll see her change more than ever. For us it was like an overnight change, including the tantrums. Those are in full force around here!

  2. What a smart girl! I miss my kids being this age. It's such a fun time when they are learning so much so fast.

  3. LOVE the picture of Shannon and Lane in the princess tent.
    I know things may get hectic when the little one comes, but you are in such a special time of life right now. :)

  4. Love that picture of her finger painting. She is a cutie!


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