Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Shannon is the kind of guy who never will tell me what he wants for his birthday, Christmas, our anniversary, or any other holiday. I always feel bad because there's always something I want, and his list is always super puny. Actually, he just always says the same thing: "I want to spend time with you." Blah. We usually go to dinner and a movie for his birthday and maybe for his Christmas present, but you can't really ditch the kiddo on Father's Day to see a movie, you know?

So this year I didn't get Shannon anything for Father's Day. I'd asked him what he wanted. He had no answers. So I made him a big breakfast and his favorite dinner (spaghetti). And I decided to treat him for lunch: we went to a place called Numnum Cafe and Restaurant. We'd heard they had good burgers, and Shannon's been on a quest for a good burger ever since we got here. We'd also heard they were a tad on the expensive side, so we'd need a good reason to visit. Father's Day seemed like as good a reason as any!

Our table. Love the fatty bird.

The waitresses gave Lane some balloons to play with while we waited for our food.

We didn't know when we went to Numnum that it was Father's Day in Turkey, too! Good thing that Turks don't seem to have the American tradition of taking their fathers out for lunch after church! We had the restaurant practically to ourselves, they had menus in English (thank goodness), and the food was yummy. Well, the fries left something to be desired, but the main dishes were good.

Shannon's burger. The best one he's had in Turkey so far.

My club sandwich. Yes, I know that pregnant women aren't supposed to eat cold lunch meat. But 1) I don't like burgers, 2) they didn't have any chicken sandwiches, 3) I figured that one serving of cold lunch meat in 9 months probably won't kill me or the baby, and 4) their meat is probably sliced on site anyways since it's not a fast-food place, and that kind of lunch meat you ARE allowed to have.

I felt like a slacker of a wife, getting my hubby nothing for Father's Day except a day full of food. But he thanked me over and over for a great Father's Day. I guess it just goes to show that the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach.

Lane and daddy on Father's Day.

Family photo op at Numnum. Shannon's last Father's Day as a daddy of one (outside of the womb).


  1. Haha, don't worry, I won't judge you about the deli meats thing. I've been eating it all along. I'm pretty sure the babe and I are just fine.

  2. Really? Why aren't pregnant women supposed to have cold lunch meat? I never knew!
    Looks like a fun celebration. :)

  3. Bruce is hard to shop for too, so I feel your pain. But it looks like things worked out! Congrats, by the way, on your pregnancy! That is really exciting news.

  4. I never thought pregnant women shouldn't eat cold lunches, thanks for the trivia, looks like you had some fun this father's day Got to agree that the way to a man's heart is his stomach, I simply made a chicken sandwich for him and some cold beers for our picnic and his already jumping for joy=)


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