Friday, June 17, 2011

14 Weeks (second time around)

Well, just like when I was pregnant with Lane, I don't have much to show for my first belly pic with this baby. But, seeing how I've already gotten a couple of requests from my sister and friends for belly pics, I figured I'd go ahead and start at 14 weeks again. Plus, this just goes to show that not everyone starts showing super early with their second pregnancies. (You can see my 14-week belly pic the first time around here.)

Forgive the horrible glare from the overhead light and the frizzy ponytail. This is what you get after a long day with a 16-month old and a husband who didn't want to take lots of photos.

I can tell that I'm a tad bit thicker in the waist (1/2-inch to an inch), but overall all my regular clothes are still fitting just fine.

I've been feeling better this week, nausea-wise. I've been really blessed this time around, just as I was with Lane, to not feel too badly. This go-around I had about a month where I just felt icky. I actually threw up once, too, so I can no longer say that I've never thrown up while pregnant. Sad. There were a couple of weeks where I was more tired than usual. And of course, my sense of smell is so heightened that I can smell the Atlantic Ocean from here. But I think that I'm on the upswing and will hopefully be feeling completely back to normal in a week or so.

Lane at "mama is 14 weeks pregnant."

That's about it that's up in pregnancy-land. I have my second doctor's appointment on Monday. Hopefully as I come out of the First Trimester Black Hole I'll be better at updating again. My lack of blogging correlates 100% with the pregnancy, I feel better I fully plan on updating regularly. Lest anyone wonder if this blog will ever regain it's once-regularity, I promise, it will.


  1. Those first pics are always some of my favorites from my pregnancy (and even of my mom's pregnancy pictures with me) -- even if there doesn't seem to be much to show for them :-P ... It's so much fun to see where it all started from. You look wonderful!

  2. Cute as a button! (You and Lane both) And I don't know where my 10 on the 10th post went...I was doing something and BAM it was gone. Can't find it anywhere. Oh well-

  3. "First Trimester Black Hole" - Aptly named. I love it.


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