Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our "Bathtub"

Some of you may remember that when we first arrived in Istanbul I put forth the question: "how do you give a baby a bath when you don't have a bathtub or sinks large enough to bathe a baby in?" Numerous people responded suggesting that either we a) buy a baby bathtub or a bucket of a kind, or b) give Lane a shower.

Our "bathtub."

If you look closely at our "tub," you can see that there is a seat in it, and the deepest part is only about 18" in diameter. Also, notice where the shower doors open. We have to step up onto the seat in order to get in: the doors don't open the other way, so you can't step into the deeper part or lean over the edge. I'd hate to be 8 months pregnant and trying to use this thing! Plus, the fiberglass has cracks in it and it doesn't drain very well. I hate this tub/shower/whatever-it-is. I'd love to take a real bath. Maybe in January when we move we'll have a real tub.

Anyways, I did not want to buy a baby bathtub, because I don't like buying things that I only use for a little bit and then just sit around taking up space. (Previously we had something similar to this, which we loved: it doesn't take up hardly any space at all. But you can see that there was no way we could use it in this shower/tub contraption.) When I tried to give Lane a shower with me, she freaked out and was not a happy camper...I think the noise of the water hitting the bottom of the "tub" scared her. So we bought a baby tub. It's hideous. It's pink.

The baby bathtub.

Back when it was super hot we'd let Lane play in the water on the balcony. She didn't love it (she'd slide around a good bit), but I think it cooled her off a bit. The funniest part of this to me is that we've only given her an actual bath in the thing once because after I'd bought the tub I tried giving Lane a shower again and she loved it! So, we always just take a shower together. She's a big fan of the shower hose since it's shiny.

Anyways, I had promised that I'd take pictures of our horrible shower/tub and realized that it had been 3 months and I hadn't taken a photo yet. We'll only be living here for 3 more months, so I thought it was now or never, because I'd probably forget and then never have a photo to prove the idiocy of the shower in our 1st apartment in Istanbul.

So there you go: proof. Proof that some people should have chosen something other than engineering to major in, and they should have gone into a different field of work than bathtub engineering. This is the dumbest bathtub design I've ever seen.

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