Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My New Baby

Well, I guess it's not technically new anymore, since I got it almost 4 months ago. But still...it's a lot of fun. Nice, shiny, and pretty new. And it sounds pretty good, too.

Whaddya think?

My new Washburn Rover travel guitar.

As we were preparing to move to Turkey I kept thinking about my guitar. I hauled my beautiful Seagull guitar to Poland and back. I hauled it all around Warsaw, Rzeszów, Częstochowa, Mikoƚaki, and Wrocƚaw. And while I love that guitar and the sound that it makes, all I could think about were 1-1/2 hour commutes to get to the places where I'd be playing.

Look how tiny it is!

So when we discovered that each extra bag was going to cost us $200, I decided that maybe, just maybe, it would be worth it to buy a travel guitar that cost less than the price of checking my Seagull through. After finding this Washburn for only $150, we did it. (My brother is guitar-sitting my Seagull until we go back to the States and can bring it back with us). I am so glad! Each week I lead worship at our little church, so we travel all over Istanbul. With a baby and a guitar, things could be really difficult if I had my regular-sized guitar. But not with my travel guitar...it is so easy!

Baby on the front, guitar on the back.

This is so nice! It has a great sound, is light, and the case has a couple of pockets and places for my tuner, capo, and I can even put my change purse and cell phone in there if I want to. Too bad there's not room for diapers and wipes, though...then it'd be perfect! The only thing I don't love about it is that because it's so small, I have to wear the strap even if I'm sitting down...otherwise it just sits too low. But seriously, if you're ever interested in a travel guitar, this one is great.

And just because she's so cute...check out Lane in her new hat and mittens!


  1. Love it! I didn't know such a thing existed :) And I also love that you're already wearing gloves... that makes me happy because I am one of those crazies who really likes winter and in VA it feels like it's never going to come! Thanks for blogging - I love 'catching up' on how you guys are!

  2. Yes, Allison, I love winter too! It's only cold enough for gloves sometimes, now, but I'm sure the time to wear them all the time is coming!


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