Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Diana!

Today is my good friend Diana's birthday. I hate that I can't be with her to celebrate like I have been for quite a few (four, I think?) of her birthdays over the seven years that I've known her. So instead of being with her and making her a cake or dinner, here's a tribute to some of the memories we have had (with quite a few missing...too many files on my computer with pictures that I know I have, but cannot find!).

July 2003: you moved to Poland and my apartment was the first place you went. December 2003: you came to Warsaw and spent Christmas with me and my sister. We played Cranium and...I don't know what else we did, but we had fun!

March 2004, Mikolajki, Poland. I think we were playing "Scum."

August 2004: you came to Rzeszow to spend a couple of days with me because all your teammates were going to be away on your birthday. You didn't tell me it was your birthday, but I found out and surprised you with blueberry pancakes on the morning of your birthday and then we went out for pizza for dinner.

December 2004: I brought you Mint Oreos from the States for Christmas.

Valentine's Day 2005: We went on a 5-day trip to Slovenia for skiing in the Alps. You got deathly ill, but still got to ski the first day!

April 2005: We all went to Prague and some of us ran a half-marathon.

August 2006: I moved to Wake Forest and into an apartment with you and Stacy. How do I not have any pictures of the time that we lived together? You got engaged in October and I got engaged in December. You went with me to pick out my wedding dress. Shannon and I drove like 100 mph to make it to your wedding on time, because we missed one of our flights and had to spend the night before your wedding in D.C., flying into Florida the morning of your wedding and driving like insane people to make it on time. We made it, and then turned right around to drive back to North Carolina. I don't have any pictures of us at your wedding because our camera broke the week before.

August 1 2007: goofing off at the nail salon 2 days before my wedding. You threw me a bachelorette party that evening.

August 3 2007: you and Marci posing for the camera at my wedding.

Throughout our time together in graduate school we (you, Greg, Shannon, and me) all hung out regularly. We'd get together about every other week and play cards or just talk. The four of us took Greek II together, and you and I took lots of other classes together. In August 2008 you came over for your birthday and I made you food that was gluten-free, and I think even a gluten-free birthday dessert, although I don't remember for sure. In February 2009 we took a road-trip together to Chattanooga to see our old roommate Stacy. You were 7 1/2 months pregnant, I think, and miserable most of the car-ride!

March 2009: you receive a quilt for baby Ava that my stepmom made for you after a comment from you about how beautiful the quilt she made for me was.

March 2009: Paige and I threw you a baby shower, and I made the cake!

August 7 2009: You turned 30 and invited a few of us over to celebrate!

The night Shannon and I left Wake Forest you cooked dinner for us. You helped me clean our apartment and let us leave some stuff with you to pass off to my sister. You emailed me regularly while we were in Alaska and mailed me baby stuff and a nursing cover that you made for me.

March 2010: you, Greg, and Ava came to Birmingham to see us and some other friends who had just had a baby.

April 2010: we stopped by for a bit on our way through Wake Forest towards Virginia.

In April you and Paige threw a baby shower for us and Lane, planning it for just the right time when we'd be passing through. You came to see us while we were staying in Virginia.

Over the last seven years we've had lots of good times together. You are one of my closest friends, and I want to thank you for being such a good friend to me! I hope that your 31st birthday is fantastic!

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