Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Months Old

Dear Lane,

Happy Birthday! Today you are five months old! How is that possible? It seems like just yesterday that I was still pregnant with you! You have learned how to do so much this month. For starters, the day after your 4-month-birthday, you started rolling from your back to your tummy. We haven't been able to keep you on your back since! You usually sleep on your tummy now, and you also like to scoot yourself in circles. You can't go forward yet, except for sometimes you do this thing where you put your forehead on the ground, get your knees up underneath, and then thrust yourself forward. I don't think you're doing it on purpose, though.

Since you're spending so much time on your tummy now, the hair is starting to grow back where you've had a bald spot. You are wearing 6-month jammies (or anything else with feet), but all your other clothing sizes are up in the air! I guess that mostly you're in 3-month, or 3-6-month, but you have a few 0-3-month things that you're still wearing. This month you've also learned how to sit up on your own. You don't do it very often, but you can do it.

This month you took your first dip in the swimming pool. You didn't like it very much, but it was also the day we learned that you got hand, foot, and mouth disease, so you might just not have been feeling well. You also took your first trip to Washington D.C. You were a crab most of the day, but it was really hot and you weren't able to nap well, so we don't blame you for not enjoying it.

This month you got visits from Mimi and Papa and from Papa Buck and Nonna Lou. They drove all the way from Alabama to Virginia to see you! We all had a good time with them, and they even bought you a couple of new outfits to wear in upcoming months. Now we're all at Aunt Rachel and Uncle Lucas' house! Grandma and Uncle Kyle are here, and Uncle Sean will be here tomorrow. We're all spending some time together before we leave for Istanbul.

You are so big and so happy, still. The only time you cry is if you're tired, hungry, not feeling well, or sometimes if you're bored. You're such a good baby and we love you so much! We're so grateful to God for giving you us for a time!


Mommy and Daddy

You're such a big girl, sitting up on your own sometimes!

You've started to reach for things on purpose a lot of the time.

You're so cute in the bathing suit that Meme got you.

Nonna Lou and Papa Buck had a great time with you!

You went to Cracker Barrel with Mimi and Papa and Uncle Benny. You especially liked standing on the table and drinking our water.

You also went to Longhorn with all of us, and helped Mimi pick out her steak.

You love to swing.

You're only pouty when you're tired or have just woken up from a nap.

But most of the time you're happy like this!


  1. I cannot believe she's already five months old! She is adorable.

  2. Happy birthday Lane.... Such a big smile in that last picture. I love it.

    I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd


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