Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Last Date

Last Thursday, the day before my induction, Shannon and went on our "last date." We know that we will get to go on dates in the future, but we'll either have a baby with us or we'll have to find a babysitter, so it was our last date without worrying about any of that kind of stuff.

Veronica's. It's located in Old Town Kenai, right across from the Russian Orthodox Church and about a two-minute walk from the bluff overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful day, as you can see from the sunshine and clear skies!

We went to a coffee shop named Veronica's for lunch. We've been in there before for coffee, and we went in with Shannon's family, but we only had coffee that time too, other than a cup of soup that I had. I've been dying to go in there for their tomato-basil soup, which is the best I've found outside of Eastern Europe, but they haven't had it any of the times that we've stopped in. So, I called on Thursday before we left, and they had tomato-basil soup. I was ecstatic.

We sat on the closed-in porch, next to the fireplace. Sometimes it's chilly out there, but it was nice and toasty last Thursday!

We took our time getting ready, ordering, and leisurely enjoyed our lunch, talking about how at that time the next day our lives would be totally different and just enjoying our time together.

Chicken-cashew sandwiches, tomato-basil soup, and sun-dried tomato pasta salad with cornbread. We wanted dessert but were too stuffed!

It was really strange, going about our day knowing that we'd have a baby the next day. Usually when you're pregnant and in the last weeks there's the "it could happen any time" anticipation of going into labor. However, I had given up hope and knew that we'd be going in for the induction, so the suspense of the "surprise" aspect of going into labor was removed. It was weird doing everything that last day with the knowledge that it was the last time things would be that way.

The view out the window where we were sitting. The Chapel of St. Nicholas is on the right.

However, now that we have our baby girl, I think that we're ok with things being different! I'm sure that the day will come when we long for privacy or for the ability to make decisions without feeling responsible for other people, but for now...loving on and taking care of Lane is proving to be wonderful. As of now I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything in the world!

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