Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I...

Today I filled out my ballot, got the required signature of a witness, and sealed the envelope. Tomorrow it will get dropped in the mailbox, and it will be counted by election day. Let me say that as an Alaskan, I vote in what is probably the state that matters the least as far as elections go, especially this year. If you live in a state that has more than three electoral votes or which is a "swing state," please go out and cast your vote! I'm voting, even knowing that Alaska is always Republican, whether I vote or not. So, if you are registered to vote in a state which fluctuates...cast a vote and exercise that right and privilege! If you don' complaining from you about whatever the next four years holds!


  1. I wish I had voted absentee ballot. Oh well. K will get to experience the livelihood of the polls. :)

  2. haha... ya i totally dropped the ball on the whole voting thing... the guy at the DMV didn't help when i went to register before i came. then i forgot about checking on it. oh well... go USA...

    ya i like the 1st logo better too. i haven't heard back from the peeps who wanted it though. who knows... that might not like either.

  3. ps...


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