Saturday, October 4, 2008

The First Day of Fall

Sorry for the long absence from blogging. Our lives have been insane. In the past 3 weeks we have had the usual classes and work, but we've also had multiple meetings, a wedding, a funeral, birthday celebrations, a book review to write and a midterm exam (we both had these), another book review to write (mine), and weekly quizzes in our other classes. Actually all of the midterms and book reviews have been in the last 2 weeks. So we've been a little busy with school. We have 3 more weeks of school insanity and then the semester should be cake. By October 24th we each have another midterm, a presentation on a country of our choice (Tajikistan for me and Uzbekistan for Shannon), weekly quizzes, a book to read, and 45 hours of class next week with quizzes, two exams, and homework. I'll try to be good about updating, but I won't be surprised if I forgo the blogging fun to focus on school.

I know that today is not the official first day of autumn, but it is at the Scarbrough household. Let me explain. Today our fall wreath that I made last October went up. Today our sweaters are being pulled out of storage and all the tank tops and shorts are being put into storage for the winter. The down comforter is on the bed. And baking will commence later this afternoon, after I've made Butternut Squash-White Bean Soup for lunch. I've worn my hat and gloves this past week. My Yankee fall candles are being lit more often. And we're officially on Fall Break, although since we're taking that intensive class so we don't actually get a break from anything except for work. But we're caught up on our other classes' work and today is a day of relaxation after the last 2 weeks of insanity.

Tomorrow my sister and her husband are coming down for the day. It's a real mark of the busyness of our lives that we only live a little over an hour away from each other and yet we see each other less than once a month, on average. So tomorrow is a catch-up-on-life day, and maybe we'll play some fun games too.

Shannon and I are in the process of trying to make some major decisions about life after we graduate. Please be thinking of us as we try to make wise decisions and get everything finished that we need to.

It's off to a day of baking, running (after my coffee is not still sitting heavy in my stomach), grocery shopping, filling out application forms, and later Shannon's going to watch the Auburn game while I have dinner with some girlfriends. After 9 months I still absolutely love having Saturdays off.


  1. I have missed your blogs, but understand the busyness of school. I went through that a few years ago to get my OTA degree. That stands for Occupational Therapy Assistant. So now I am curious, I don't know what you and Shannon are actually studying and for what degree. Good luck with the decisions that need to be made soon. So glad to hear from you again.

  2. Thanks for your sweet compliment - some days I feel extremely huge. And people...well, often they have no tact. And so that doesn't make it any better. I like comments like yours much better than some comments I've heard! :-) Thanks!!!

  3. I know what you mean about busy-ness. I'm not blogging near as much as over the summer.
    Don't you love fall! We haven't cooled off enough for sweaters yet, but I'm still burning my Yankee Candle. :) Mine's "Frosted Pumpkin," what's yours? I'll be praying for y'all-


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