Thursday, June 19, 2008


For everyone out there who's wondering where I've been for the last week or so, the answer is:

I'm taking a summer class and I finished day 3 of a 10-day class this afternoon. So, I've been buried under the schoolwork for the last week and a half. Actually, I guess I've just had my nose in a book since we have to read 3 of them. But the good news is that I finished the second book earlier today, so only one more book to go! Plus a midterm, a final, a presentation, and 2 1-page papers to go! Oh, and 31 hours of class.

Seriously, other than going to class, work, cooking dinner, and reading, I'm not doing much, and Shannon's doing even less since he's not in class. He is making the bed for us every day though and refusing to let me do dishes. :-)

After my class is over we'll be moving, so that will be pure craziness as well. But I'll hope to put up some pictures of the new apartment once we get all moved in. Plus, we're thinking of sanding and painting a dresser we have, so...summer project! But until that fun-ness happens, I need to study for my midterm!

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