Monday, May 5, 2008

Loving Sundays

I love Sundays. It's funny because when I worked at Outback I pretty much hated them. They consisted of starting the day with not enough sleep, rushing home for lunch, maybe a not-long-enough nap, and then leaving by 2:20 to be at work on time and then to stay until almost midnight. Now I love them. I always get enough sleep on Saturday night. When we get home from church I cook lunch, and then we have a leisurely afternoon. When Shannon goes to work I study and cook dinner. In three weeks I won't even have to study...I'll be able to read or play or whatever. Exciting. Anyways, tonight I made Chicken and Dumplings, which I had never made before. So, here is the journey from chicken thighs and raw veggies to yummy dinner.

Step One: trim the fat off the chicken and chop the veggies.

Step Two: put the chicken, onion, water, and spices in a stock pot and let cook for 25 minutes.

Step Three: add veggies and cook for 10 more minutes.

Step Four: mix dumpling dough, plop on top of chicken, and let cook for 12 minutes.

Step Five: remove veggies and chicken. Make gravy with remaining liquid.

Step Six: serve and eat!

Shannon was very excited for this dinner. He asked me to make Chicken and Dumplings about two weeks ago but I've been procrastinating since I wasn't sure what I was doing. Anyways, we had a nice dinner and afterward we played a Sequence match. I won, 3 to 2. Here is the championship game (I was green...I always am).

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  1. Your chicken and dumplings look good! They were my favorite thing that my grandmother used to make and I haven't had any since she died. I've thought about trying them sometime but haven't gotten around to it. I actually have a crock pot recipe for them.


    I just got home from a date. :) Second date to come on Monday. Middle Eastern food...yummy! I'll have to call this weekend. An update is probably in order. :)


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