Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And Then She Was Two

Rainbow all-around!

Little Miss Raye turned two on May 1st. Shannon was scheduled to be out of town that weekend, so we had planned on having her party the weekend before, but then he ended up taking a last-minute trip to the States, so we had to postpone her party. So, we had it on...the 7th? Whatever that Saturday was. It was really low-key.

I made a rainbow cake and bought rainbow-colored balloons and streamers. Lane and Noel helped draw/color some rainbow pictures. Some single gals who live in town came over and did all the decorating for me...it was the best decorating job ever! We ordered in for dinner. Raye opened a few presents while people were eating, we sang to her and had cake and ice cream. It was just laid back, which was exactly what I needed after single-momming it for 18 days.

Opening a present from Papa Buck and Nona Lou.

Legos from my dad and stepmom.

Raye's actual birthday was really low-key, too. I flew to Moscow to spend a couple of days with Shannon and flew back on Raye's birthday. After I got home we had to go grocery shopping and I had to make dinner, and the weather was nasty. So the actual day was kind of a bust. No birthday pancakes or anything. But her party was fun, and we bought her a scooter (actually we got all the girls scooters since we didn't buy them birthday presents, hoping they wouldn't notice and we could buy them something with wheels once the weather turned nice), so I'm not going to call it a complete failure. We have done worse on our kids' second birthdays...poor-middle-child-Noel had to take an international flight on her second birthday... 

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