Tuesday, June 9, 2015

13 Months Old

At 13 months old Raye:

*says a few words: mama, dada, baa (ball), and buh-buh (bye-bye). She also is a babbler, yakking up a storm but we have no idea what she's saying.
*has 12 teeth. Her bottom two molars have popped through...one of them is almost all the way in and the other has broken the surface but is still working its way all the way in.

Get a good look at all those teeth! And the scrambled egg on her face...

*loves rocks. She especially wants to eat them and gets mad when we won't let her.
*is finally walking! She still falls a lot but overall she prefers walking these days. She's still pretty wobbly and uses her arms to balance herself (flailing them everywhere), but she's super cute waddling around.

Practicing walking.

*points to herself when you ask her, "Where's Raye?" She also usually points to or pats her belly when you ask where it is. And sometimes she'll stick her tongue out when asked where it is, but it's pretty hit or miss.
*loves to go bye-bye. I've caught her climbing into her stroller, standing in the seat, and yelling (while waving) "buh-buh!"

She loves to be outside. Here we're working on "the grass is really ok to touch..."

*loves to eat. She's not a fan of raw vegetables yet, but other than that...anything goes. I don't think we've fed her anything that she refuses to eat (except raw veggies). She especially loves strawberries these days.
*likes to sit in her high chair and wiggle/shake the whole time. I'm not sure if she likes the fact that the whole table is moving or what...but she rarely sits still.

Just doin' some playin'.

*has figured out that she can make a noise when we're on a bumpy road and that it will make her voice vibrate. She thinks it's hilarious.
*can climb on our couches and onto Lane's bed if Noel's bed is pulled out. She also can get onto the lower step of our step stool, which is kind of funny because she can't get back down.

She loves to collapse onto pillows or beds.

*has a short attention span. I think this is pretty normal, but most of her toys don't hold her attention for very long. She's always wandering off to find the next forbidden thing: rifling through my purse, climbing on the couch and then the TV table to grab the remote, trying desperately to get the toilet seat up so she can fish in the water. She's a hoot.

She loves the slide. Going down it, too, but mostly just playing on it.

*likes books but will. not. sit. still to look at one. She prefers to turn every page and try to rip the book out of your hands. She does like to look at pictures of animals, though, and had correctly identified the cat on a page before.
*does not like to have her fingernails cut or her face wiped. But she'll sit almost perfectly still for me to put a ponytail holder in her hair.

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