Monday, June 2, 2014

1 Month Old

Dear Raye,

Today you are one month old. I think this has been the fastest month to pass by in history. It seriously seems like just yesterday that I was miserably pregnant with you and begging the doctor to induce me. It's also amazing to me that I have three daughters. Three. My heart is so full, and I'm so grateful for each of you.

Your first time to "Doughnut Friday," where daddy takes the girls for doughnuts. Mamoo was there, too!

You are a very good baby. I bought a sling/wrap to carry you around in so that you can get some good naps in if we're out and about a lot, or if you're just having a rough day with naps. But as of today you seem to be getting the whole nap thing. You fell asleep in your little travel crib, on your own, without much fussing or crying, three times today. Yesterday you had a nap or two in the travel crib where you fussed for about 15 minutes, but you didn't cry or scream like you sometimes do. I will be very happy when we figure the napping thing out, as so far that is the hardest part of having three kids: when you don't want to nap so I just have to hold you or comfort you…it makes getting anything else done (or spending time with your big sisters) nearly impossible. So I'm happy that we're making some progress there. You are sleeping well at night, though, so for that I am grateful. You generally wake up twice in the middle of the night, but this past week you've done a 5.5-hour and a 6.5-hour stretch without eating, so you were only up once in middle of the night those nights. I'm hoping that you follow in Noel's steps and sleep through the night by three months…maybe you'll even do it earlier since you were over two pounds heavier than her when you were born!

You have passed the super-sleepy newborn stage (and let's face it, since you were 12 days late we didn't get but a couple of super-sleepy days) and are alert and wide-eyed and taking it all in. You've smiled a few times this month and cooed at us a few times. You are perfectly content to look around and don't demand to be held all day, unless you're overtired, and then you just want to sleep in our arms. I think that your ideal wake time length is 50 or 60 minutes…you like to be awake and will keep yourself there if we don't get you to sleep in time, but if we get you in bed before the hour mark has passed you seem to sleep better.

You haven't had any tummy time this month because your stubborn umbilical stump just won't fall off. Your neck is strong, though…I can tell from letting you lie on my chest and lift your head, or when I'm burping you and you look around…you have good head control for a 1-month old. I took you to the doctor almost three weeks ago and you had gained 1.5 pounds from your birthweight…you were 9 lbs, 13 oz three weeks ago. Surely you are a good ten pounds now, if not 11. You are a fast eater, usually finishing in about five minutes per side. You have a little bit of baby acne but not too much. You still have a ton of hair. And the general consensus seems to be that you look like Lane (and therefore like your daddy).

This month you've met all of your aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents except for your Uncle Sean. You took your first road trip through Georgia (briefly) and on to Tennessee. You got your first passport. You went to the aquarium in Gatlinburg, although you slept through the whole visit. You've had a lot of adventures already. Your big sisters love you so much…they love to "pet" you, and Noel constantly says, "Raye is so teeny." They're glad you're here, as are the rest of us. It's been a wonderful month, and we pray for many, many more with you.

We love you,
Mommy (and Daddy)

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  1. A month already!? It's amazing how quickly they go by!! Such sweet pictures!!


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