Sunday, March 23, 2014

36 Weeks (third time around)

Four weeks from today (or yesterday, or Wednesday, depending on who you ask) we should have another girlie in these parts!

Belly pic brought to you from Seagrove, Florida.

A couple weeks ago I told Shannon, "Six weeks. Just six weeks. Or maybe four. I could be down with four." To which he replied, "Or eight." "No, not eight. I'm not doing that again!" And I'm not. There are worse things in life than being induced!

I'm feeling alright. The house we're staying in here is three stories and I've walked a lot of stairs this week. My calves are feeling all the stairs and the extra 35ish pounds. My back still hurts. The spot below my sternum still hurts. But at least my reflux seems to have subsided, at least most of the time. I have a baby shower two weeks from tomorrow…I'd be a-ok if this girlie decided to come at any point after that! Lane asked me to pick her up the other day and when I reminded her that she's a big girl and understands that I can't pick her up because of the baby in my belly, she replied, "Maybe when that baby comes out you can pick me up." I'm ready to be able to interact with my kids normally, to run with them and pick them up and let them snuggle on my lap. So here's to hoping we'll have a baby by April 10th or so!

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  1. You are in the homestretch for sure. I think you look great!


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