Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hello, Cyprus!

Four weeks ago today we flew out of Istanbul and headed to North Cyprus for some much needed vacation. We hadn't been on a real vacation in two years (since we went here), so it was definitely needed! It was so good to just relax and swim and visit with friends. There doesn't seem to be much to do on North Cyprus, but that was fine because between two preschoolers, a toddler, a baby, and a rental car that wouldn't hold all of us (in our own seats) and our stroller, we just ended up staying at the resort most of the time.

The view from our balcony of the offices, pools, restaurant, and shops at our resort.

The view off our balcony toward the water. We watched the sun set every night.

Our living room.

We were headed to Istanbul (and I got LASIK while we were there!) so we investigated places we could visit that wouldn't cost too much to get to. North Cyprus is what we found.

Noel had fun!

The harbor in Girne.

And while North Cyprus itself didn't seem to have much to offer, we did have a good time at the resort, just swimming,


and playing in the sand at the beach.

We also left the resort a few times and ate out,

drove on the wrong side of the road, 

spent some time together as a family,

(Sadly, this is the best family photo we have from vacation!)

and climbed some castle walls.

All in all, we just hung out, chatted, ate out, and got some sun.

And it was great. It's seeming that our pattern for a "real" vacation is about once every two years. Any suggestions as to where we should go in 2015?


  1. Great photos! Looks like a beautiful place. Glad you all had a fun time!

  2. The best part about North Cyprus is the fact that there is not much to do -- which is the whole point of vacation! Loved the simple life, the little decision making we had to do, and swimming all. day. long. Had a good time with you guys, too.

  3. OK, a couple thoughts--

    (1) You got LASIK? Do you love it?
    (2) Where are y'all living? (Maybe message me?) I feel out of it. I had no idea that you guys weren't in Istanbul anymore! Or maybe I knew and have forgotten? But it seems like I didn't know...


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