Saturday, April 20, 2013

16 Months Old

My baby girl is getting so stinkin' cute! I can't even believe it. In the past month she's started:

*saying new words: ok, no way (doh way), chicken (keekin), booboo, bonk, flower (fwuh-wuh), apple (up-uh), five, amen, say, these (deeze), sit, pants (pence), shirt (sirt), Elmo (ehmo), peacock (cock), sun, bee, potty (pah-ee), pee, eyes, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy. And more that I just can't think of right now.


*saying "cock-a-moo" when referring to farm animals. It's so, so funny.
*just being sweet. She loves to sit on your lap and let you read books to her. She loves to snuggle. She loves to sit on your lap and watch television or basketball or her sister playing.
*babbling a ton. She frequently will just look at us and babble, babble, babble, just to finish it all of with "OK!"

What? Just another day sword-figting in necklaces and shiny shoes.

*getting even when she gets picked on. Lane frequently takes things from Noel, and Noel will chase Lane down and start smacking on her or pulling her hair. She is definitely not afraid to stand up for herself!
*"singing" Jesus Loves Me with us when we sing to her at nap/bed time. She, of course, doesn't get many of the words right, but she babbles for the whole song, sounding about right at "Jesus" and ending right on cue with "so."
*running. I actually think she's been able to run for a few months now, but she's pretty quick now.

*referring to all drinks as "muk" (milk). If it's liquid, it's "muk." She doesn't seem to care which "muk" she gets (milk or water, and every now and then, juice).
*always confusing "yes" and "no." Do you want more banana? "No." So we give her some more and she's happy. Hilariously confused.

More Easter. Shortly after this she sat down in the dirt to play with rocks.

*being a picky eater. She definitely loves fruit and bread and eggs and cheese. Beyond those things, it's always a toss-up as to if she's actually going to eat. One night she'll eat a pound of carrots and then she won't touch them the next day. She is not a fan of meat, anything too cold (ice cream or smoothies), or potatoes. She'll usually eat vegetables, fruits, and carbs with no issues, and of course on the rare occasion that we give her a cookie, she gobbles it up.
*saying "baaa" (with her voice reverberating) when asked what a sheep says.

*identifying her: belly button (she bends over looking for it since her flab usually folds over and she can't see it), feet, fingers, cheeks, arms, eyes.
*wearing all 18-month clothes. I guess we still have a few pairs of 12-month pants and a few long-sleeved onesies out, but she's nearly completely into 18-month clothes.


  1. Just curious: What is your approach to having a picky eater? Do you just give her the stuff you know she likes, or do you try to make her eat things she doesn't like anyway (since they're good for her, not just to be mean, obviously!)? I'm always interested in the different approaches people take.

    1. Well, currently we give her some of what we're having, whether she likes it or not. After she's picked her way through it I might give her something else, like a banana, if she didn't eat much. In about a year we'll start making her take at least one bite of everything, and if it's something we know she likes then she'll have to finish it before getting something else. Even now with Lane we give small portions and she is expected to eat all of it. If dinner turned out too spicy or something then I will make the girls something else, like eggs or sandwiches, but otherwise, at least Lane is required to finish her small portion (1/4 to 1/2 cup) and then she can have something to supplement.

      With Noel I know a lot of it is that she's still learning about certain foods. Lane didn't actually eat meat until she was about 2, but I still always gave her a piece. To this day the only things she really doesn't eat are raw vegetables, and she'll pick out peppers, onions, or tomatoes if she can see them or if they're cut into big pieces, but otherwise she'll eat almost anything. We're going to start working with her this summer on raw veggies. I kind of view the first two years as getting kids used to textures and tastes, but not forcing them to eat things they don't like. At 2, they'll start having to eat a bite. At 3, they'll probably have to finish their small portion. Of course, my girls don't seem to have any sensory issues or anything like that, so I'm sure that's a whole 'nother ball game. =)

      Did I answer your question? What's your opinion?

  2. Yes, you gave a good answer. I think you are taking the right approach. I know of other parents who let their kids rule the kitchen, and as a result they never eat anything that's good for them. I always said if I was a parent, and my kid didn't eat what I made, they just wouldn't eat. Going hungry one night wouldn't kill them, and they might learn a lesson for the future. :)

  3. She is getting so big and into 18-months close :-) Is she bigger than Lane when Lane was this age? I love that she stands up for herself, chasing Lane down and smacking :-)


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