Sunday, March 17, 2013

15 Months Old

At 15 months old, Noel:

*says (new words): hello (heh-doh), kitty (key), help (hep), baby, clap (cap), hi, uh-oh, wow, banana (me-ah me-ah), cracker (kacker), poop, yuck, duck (duh), balloon (ba-oon), hat, shoe (soo), socks, Dora (do-wah), boot, yes (ses), no.
*can identify (in addition to last month's list): her hair, nose, teeth, hands, mouth.

Playing in the sink with Lane.

*loves television. I'm not sure whether I should be happy about that (hey, 22 minutes of both of my children watching TV so I can cut chicken, wash dishes, cut veggies, or whatever) or ashamed of myself. Her favorites are Dora and Minnie/Mickey.
*is weaned from her pacifier.

She's getting pretty good at using a spoon, although she still makes a huge mess most of the time.

*has learned to climb. She can pull the stool over to the kitchen counter and climb up onto the counter. Scary. She can't get onto beds or couches yet, but she can get onto chairs and our stepstool, and she can get herself down from couches or beds.
*knows animal sounds for cow, rooster, horse, chicken, elephant, cat, and dog.
*knows when she's pooping and says "poop" before she goes. She is completely opposed to going on the toilet, though.
*loves to stand on our windowsills, looking for cats outside.

This girl loves to be outside!

 *is officially down to one nap a day. She sleeps around 11 hours at night and then takes a nap for around 2 hours at noon or so.
*gives us big, long kisses, complete with the finishing, "mm-ah!"
*loves to play with Lane, although a lot of the time Lane is not so keen on how Noel is "helping." Noel likes to hand Lane blocks, play chase (where Lane teases her with her blankie), and just do anything Lane is doing. She is quite good at playing by herself a lot of the time.

Playing in our of her favorite things to do.


  1. What a sweetie! She knows a lot of words! We still can't figure out half of the words that Noah is trying to say. They all sound the same...

  2. When did Noel start walking?! Did I miss a post about her taking her first steps?

    1. She started walking at about 10.5-11 months. It was shortly after we moved here. I think I just included it in her monthly update.


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