Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Blog is Not Dead

I promise. It's just on hiatus. =)

A quick summary of our last month:

Lane dove off our couch and broke her collarbone. Cue trips to the doctor, x-rays in a foreign language, and a sling for a week, and a follow-up x-ray just a couple of days ago.

Immediately following the sling-for-a-week, Lane got an ear infection that we had no clue about (neither girl has ever had one before) and was a complete crank until her ear drum tore and released fluid and pressure and dripped down her face and we finally figured out what was going on. Cue ten days of antibiotics and a cranky almost-three-year old who still didn't have complete usage of her left arm.

In the middle of all that, I caught the plague and felt like death for about three days. Seriously, one night I just laid down on the floor and cried while Shannon was working away in the office because all I wanted to do was go to bed but I couldn't because he was working and I had two girls to watch. Seriously.

Today we finally hung some pictures on the wall. We've picked up a couple of Christmas/birthday packages from the post office. Noel turned one today so I'm in the process of making a 4-layer block birthday cake for her party on Sunday. We finally got decent internet about two weeks ago. We've been on the hunt for various spices, birthday presents, winter boots, plastic cups and muffin tins, and so on. I'm taking 14 hours of language class each week and making good use of my crock-pot since I don't get home from class until 6:30 four nights a week.

So that's life. I just wanted to let you all know that this blog will return to regular posting, hopefully soon after the new year. So keep visiting, don't delete me from your blog subscription list, just please have patience as we adjust to our new life here. And stay tuned for pictures of a birthday girl and a birthday cake after her party. Because I will post those as soon as possible. =)


  1. Yikes, you've had an eventful time. I hope you all start feeling better soon!!

  2. I also forgot to add, Happy Birthday to Noel!!

  3. Oh, you've had so much on your plate and being deathly sick did not help at all! When it rains, it pours. I hope things are getting better. Poor Lane. Poor Noel since she was teething. We miss you guys.

  4. Sorry for all of the problems! I hope y'all are doing better now, and that the party will go well. Happy Birthday Noel! :) I look forward to seeing the cake!


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