Friday, July 27, 2012

Beach Trip!

Almost exactly two years ago, we took Lane to the beach for the first time. Last week we took Noel for the first time ever, and took Lane for her first "real" time: the first time she'd get to play in the sand and the water and actually (hopefully) have fun.

Oh, she had fun.

The day started at around 10:00 a.m. when our friends came to pick us up. We piled into the car and headed toward the beach. Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic due to construction on one of Istanbul's bridges, and with all the stop-and-go-ing, Lane had a bit of tummy trouble. Poor girl always gets sick in the car when it's hot.

Wiped out from all the puking, she napped for the last 30 minutes or so of the trip.

We made it to the beach, rented an umbrella and got all set up, and let Lane take to the water while Noel chilled in our small blow-up pool.

Some friends' daughter took Lane out for a splash while we were getting set up.

Chillin' in the pool.

Mmm, sand.

Shannon took Lane out to brave the waves. She loved every minute of it, conquering her fear of getting water in her eyes for the thrill of being thrust above the water every time a wave would crash on them.


Daddy saves the day!

The aftermath.

While they surfed the waves, I walked Noel to sleep.

Love this picture. I still can't believe she took her entire nap in that position!

After she woke up and I nursed her, I took Noel out for her first time in the sea. She wasn't a big fan of the water and cried when her feet touched it, but she liked standing in the sand.

Getting her feet wet.

Dig those toes in!

The closest I got to recreating my favorite shot of Lane at the beach.

After Shannon and Lane got out of the water and got dried off, we took to building a sand castle.

Drying off and warming up.

The fortress!

Writing "yetters" in the sand.

After a good three or four hours in the sun, sand, and sea, we packed up our stuff, drove to Riva proper for a Coke for Shannon and ice cream for me and Lane, and headed home.

Noel did this the whole ride home. (Love the upside-down paci.)

Lane passed out on my lap again, Noel slept, and we enjoyed the 45-minute drive home in relative silence. For days Lane talked about the beach and how she and Daddy "got" the waves. It was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again. Hopefully it won't take two years before that happens!

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  1. Loved your photos! Looks like it was a fun trip. We are going back to the beach next week for David's birthday. It will be Ben's first time. It's been 2 years since we were there too- Cruz was just 2 months old our last trip.


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