Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Once Upon A Time

We hosted a slew of people for five days straight...different people, in and out, for four days. We washed lots of clothes, cooked lots of food, cleaned lots of toilets and vacuumed lots of floors. We got through the five days and were exhausted.

Some of our guests had a cold. And they gave it to Lane. She was awake from 11-2 last night, so, consequently, so was I.

And then Lane gave the cold to me after I only got four hours of sleep. And we looked like this:

Lane coughed so hard today that she threw up, multiple times. She went through multiple shirts, took a 3 1/2-hour nap, and might have kept down a bit of quesadilla that we had for dinner and some milk.

I worked on our insurance claim from the flood, washed two loads of laundry, had Turkish class for two hours, made quesadillas for dinner, and watched two episodes of Friends with Shannon after Lane went to bed. It's 9:22. Now we're going to bed.

Until we've returned to the land of the living...


  1. So sorry that you two are sick and I hope that you feel better in the morning. We can Skype when you feel better. Love, Joyce

  2. Oh, that really stinks - and double stink because you're pregnant. Ava threw up from coughing so hard (during the night, not day) when she had pneumonia so I feel your pain. I really hope you guys get better soon!

  3. Sorry you are both sick! I hope you get better soon! On a good note though, that's a very good picture of you!

  4. Ouch! I hope you feel better!!


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