Wednesday, October 28, 2009

30 Weeks

30 week belly pic.

As of yesterday I am 3/4 though my first pregnancy. January 5th is only 10 weeks away! It's so crazy that we will be parents around Christmas or New Years! When people find out that Lane's due date is the 5th, they always say, "Maybe you'll have a New Years baby!" with lots of excitement. Personally, we don't want a New Years baby. I already share my birthday with the rest of the world...I don't want to share it with my firstborn child as well, thank you very much!

Next Friday I have a doctor's appointment. I get to eat 12 jellybeans in 2 minutes and then get screened for gestational diabetes! How thrilling. :-) Hopefully that test will come back negative...I don't know how well I could handle giving myself shots for 9 weeks. Other than the diabetes test, I'm not sure what to expect next week. They'll probably just see how much weight I've gained and we'll get to hear Lane's heartbeat again, and maybe they'll measure me to see how big my uterus is.

I've been feeling fine, a little more tired than I was the past couple of months, but not too tired. In my first trimester I needed a nap every day, otherwise I could barely function. As long as I get a decent night's sleep now, I'm fine, although a nap is certainly nice sometimes! I'm certainly still hungry a lot, but it seems to fluctuate: some days I'm starving all day long, and other days I eat probably less than I ate before I was pregnant. I'm getting some exercise walking around at work, and since it's been chilly and gloomy here, Shannon and I haven't been going for walks together very often. I feel like I'm doing pretty well, physically, although I miss having stomach muscles to help me get out of bed without rolling to my side first! Lane is a wiggly baby. She hasn't been kicking very much, but she definitely squirms and wiggles around, probably trying to get more comfortable in the limited space available! She's still doing the "vibrating" thing sometimes too. I don't think she has the hiccups, because her movements are never very regular, but sometimes it feels like she's shaking. Surely she's not cold! :-)

That's about all that's happening, pregnancy-wise. Shannon had to fly to Alabama for his grandmother's funeral about two weeks ago, so our lives were a little crazy because of that. But now he's back and working and we're hopefully getting into a somewhat normal schedule for a couple of months, until Lane comes and changes everything up on us!

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