Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where We've Been

Alright, so it's been awhile since I posted a real post. Hopefully now that things are settled down I'll be better about posting more regularly, but until then, I'll update everyone on what's been going on with us over the last month or so.

The first big news is that we've moved. About 3 weeks ago we had our last days at work, and then we had a huge yard sale in which we sold almost everything we owned. We sold all of our furniture and lamps and decorative things, and packed up our clothes and sentimental things, said goodbye to our friends, and drove to Asheville to see my dad and stepmom for a couple of days. After visiting with them and dropping some boxes off to let them store for us for 9 months, we drove to Alabama to spend 8 or 9 days with Shannon's family. We went to the Auburn vs. LA Tech football game and my record held: if I'm at an Auburn game, Auburn wins. We just spent our time in Birmingham seeing family and Shannon's friends, playing games, and relaxing. It was a great time.

Last Wednesday we flew up to Alaska, where we will be until February. We're living with my mom and brother, and looking for jobs. Our plan is to work, spend some time with my family, and get some serious relaxing and recouping from 4 years of school done before the baby is born. About 6 weeks after the baby is born, we plan on moving to Alabama for a couple of months to spend some time with Shannon's family. Then it will be off to training for a couple of months, and then finally we'll head overseas.

Speaking of the baby, about three weeks ago we found out that it's a GIRL! The ultrasound doctor was not 100% sure about this, but she said she was pretty sure. At any rate, we're very excited, and if it turns out to be a boy, the only part that we'll be disappointed about is having to return the cute girl clothes that we've bought.

Well, I think that should give everyone an update on what we're up to and why I haven't posted. Now that we're kind of settled, I hope to post regularly. The past month has been insane, as I think you can all see now, but we are going to have a pretty chill 16 weeks until Lane is born, so I will be posting about Shannon's first winter in Alaska and all the adventures we're sure to have here. Oh once-loyal-readers, please come back!


  1. I'm so happy you guys got approved!!!

    Don't forget, I want to see a picture of Shannon with a moose. :-)

  2. I feel so dumb. I didn't know you were gone. Forgive us. We love you guys and feel like really bad friends. Well we are really bad friends for not knowing.

    The Harts


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