Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Sigh of Relief

Whew. I'm exhausted, but extremely relieved. Today we went to the doctor for Shannon to have a colonoscopy done. He has a bad case of IBS and before we go back overseas he needed to have one done. So, today was D-Day. I must confess I was really worried. I mean, I know that God is in control and everything, but still, it's awful to see someone you love in pain, and equally as awful to sit here and wonder things like, "what if it's cancer? what if his colon is kinked or bent? what if...?"

So, after the prep last night (which did NOT go smoothly at all...he had some serious troubles), we headed in this morning. Everything is fine. Or as fine as it can be, given the circumstances. No polyps or blockage, which means NO cancer, praise the Lord. Now there's one other test that they've said we can do if he wants, but even if that test did tell us what the problem was, there's no way to fix that problem. So we'll probably pass on that test, at least until we've paid off this one.

School officially starts this Thursday. We had J-term class this past week, and it was really a good class. We're still finishing up the work for it, but I should be done with mine by Wednesday and Shannon will hopefully be finished by the weekend.

I think I finally got a new job, too. I'll find out for sure on Wednesday, but it looks like I'll be driving the beverage cart at the Tournament Player's Club (TPC) here. So I'll get to be outside, on a beautiful golf course, driving a cart around. And maybe I'll work in the restaurant sometimes, but I think I'll be doing the beverage cart more. I'm a little bummed because I'll have to work weekend mornings, which means that Shannon and I will never have a day off together, but at the same time, I'm just grateful for a job. I've only been looking for one for 2 months!

Shannon is still sleeping from his meds...they really make you act funny! I'm curious to see how many more times I have to tell him that everything went ok...so far the count is 4 times. And I've had to tell him twice that I helped him get dressed, since he doesn't remember putting his clothes on. I wonder what else I could get away with?

It's off to do homework...only 3 papers to go and then the new semester can start! 4 months till graduation!


  1. I'm glad to hear Shannon is cancer-free! :-)

  2. PTL--that is good news!
    Enjoy his loopiness--I still get a good laugh about Mike after his first foot surgery!

  3. I am very glad he is doing okay. Here's to a quick recovery!


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